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Pestnet is a One-stop shop for all things Pest Control. As a Pest Control resource, Pestnet offers unique pest control information including tips on how to hire a professional exterminator to do-it-yourself pest control methods and products. At Pestnet, we aim to share as much pest control related information as possible to encourage the homeowner to make the best decisions possible when considering pest management solutions for their home and family.

Pest Control Company Spotlight

Our team of pest industry insiders have combed the US to find the top pest control companies out there. We don’t just look for companies that make the most money. Sure profitability is important, but what about community outreach, innovation and reputation. We all know some of the small operators as well as medium-sized businesses impress in these areas.

  • pesticide-research
    New Pesticide Technology
    If you're wondering where companies come up with such great ideas for new and innovative pest control methods, equipment and technology, you should look to the pest professionals themselves.
  • Pestworld 2013
    PestWorld in Phoenix
    PestNet Media was able to attend the annual PestWorld Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. This convention is held every year, hosted by National Pest Management Association.
  • NPMAlogo
    This October, the National Pest Management Association hosted their annual Pestworld 2012 convention in Boston. Pestnet took the opportunity to showcase its subsidiary Pestnet Media at the show.
  • awesome looking bed bug
    3 Bed Bug Tips that Don’t Work and 1 That Does
    Don’t waste your gas money or time to drive to The Home Depot in search for a bed bug bomb. However tempting at $5.99, the futile bed bug bomb will only drive bed bugs deeper into their hiding places.

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