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Christmas Light Installation

For many pest control operators, pest control service sales are lower in the winter when compared to the hot summer months. Some pest control companies have even built ancillary businesses around their “slower” season. Christmas decoration installation is a popular choice and is a great way to keep pest control technician crews busy for 6 weeks before Christmas and even READ MORE

New Pesticide Technology

November 19, 2013

If you’re wondering where companies come up with such great ideas for new and innovative pest control methods, equipment and technology, you should look to the pest professionals themselves. Oftentimes, a pest control professional will come upon a pest problem that presents a challenge. If there is enough pain in the process of controlling the pest, the professional is almost READ MORE

Colorado Ground Squirrel Control

In many parts of Colorado, land and mountain property owners struggle year in and year out with destructive ground squirrels. Ground squirrels in Colorado cause damage to land owners by tunneling through large networks of intricate tunnel systems beneath the soil and sod. They belong to the squirrel family of rodents and can sometimes be spotted hanging out on their two READ MORE

PestWorld in Phoenix

October 31, 2013
Pestworld 2013

PestNet.com- Once again, PestNet Media was able to attend the annual PestWorld Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. This convention is held every year, hosted by National Pest Management Association. We were happy to be able attend and rub elbows with pest management professionals, vendors, and research specialist from around the world. Thousands attended this event which focuses on creating network connections, READ MORE


Perfection K-9 Services has added the newest member to its team of reliable staff. Perfection K-9 has offered bed bug removal in Cincinnati for decades but they never hesitate to shake things up. No, we aren’t taking about a new office manager, hot-shot salesperson, or a new experienced technician. We are talking about the newest addition to their incredibly reliable bed bug READ MORE

Pestnet Grossed Out!

December 10, 2012

We had a recent customer who purchased some of our insect sticky pads from the store. She had sent a picture back after some time of the aftermath and well… Even we at Pestnet were disgusted and that doesn’t happen often. Take a look.  Bonus: Double click for a super high res picture, i’m sure somebody out there will set it as READ MORE


October 26, 2012

Pestnet at Pestworld This October, the National Pest Management Association hosted their annual Pestworld 2012 convention in Boston. Pestnet took the opportunity to showcase its subsidiary Pestnet Media at the show. Pestnet Media is the only company focused solely on Online Branding and Web Marketing exclusively for pest control operators (PCOs). The company offers PCOs a comprehensive approach to pest control READ MORE

awesome looking bed bug

  Steven R. Covey’s New York Times Best Seller 7 Habits of Highly Effective People warns of the costly threat of allowing urgent and important to-do’s zap our precious time in the day. This valuable time, according to Covey, should be used to tackle important and not-urgent tasks such as initiating sales calls, tracking and following a budget and even READ MORE

Mole In Yard

Moles can cause a lot of damage to a yard through their burrowing habits. Knowing how to get rid of moles in your yard can save you hundreds of dollars in turf damage. Moles dig tunnels in order to find earthworms and other white grubs. Their most visible damage takes place in the form of surface tunnels. These tunnels are READ MORE

black widow vs brown widow thumbnail

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