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Free Beekeeping eBook

July 27, 2012
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Bees play an important role in our community and our ecosystem. Here at Pestnet we love mother nature we also love fresh honey! We are giving out this free ebook to all of our fans that want to start a unique and healthy  hobby of beekeeping. Just click the image below to download. If you liked this post please share it. Tell your friends!  Click READ MORE

Mouse in house

9 Pest Issues to Look for When Buying a House   1. Termites: What do termites eat? Wood! Termites can cause costly structural damage to a home.  These insects actually eat wood.  Search the home for signs of termite tubes, wood damage, and termite frass.  Inquire if termites have ever been a problem.   2. Carpenter Ants: Carpenter ants cause similar READ MORE

Bed Bug Repellent

July 12, 2012

Bed Bug Repellent Several home remedies for bed bugs are advertised as bed bug repellents on the internet. These can be as simple as homemade concoctions of cayenne pepper, to rated consumer products. These products claim to repel bed bugs. However, the truth behind these remedies is that most of them don’t work. People begin to despair when these products READ MORE

Alexa Approved !

July 10, 2012
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We are now approved by alexa you can go to our page to see interesting stats! http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/pestnet.com

Brown Widow

Image Credit Goes to http://cisr.ucr.edu Brown Widows Making a Surge in Southern California The first brown widow in Southern California was reported in 2003. But now Californian Entomologists are reporting a recent surge in brown widow populations. Richard Vetter, a staff research associate at UC Riverside, said, “The brown widow is really taking over.” In fact, a recent study found that READ MORE

Tiniest Fly Discovered

World’s Tiniest Fly Discovered. Fly Decapitates Ants then Lives in Their Heads. The world’s smallest fly has been discovered in Thailand. It is smaller than a grain of salt and five times smaller than a fruit fly. The discoverers named the fly Euryplatea nanaknihali. It belongs to a group of 4,000 hump-backed flies known as phorid flies. Its anatomy and READ MORE

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Multiple Ant Species Found On Philippine Islands According to Palawan State University ant researcher David General and several of his colleagues, the country (and island) of the Philippines has approximately 40 new ant species, which fit into 11 different genera. The discovery brings the total genera to 92, a third of the world’s ant species. General said the high number READ MORE


West Nile Virus in California On The Rise. Warmer temperatures, compared to previous years, have increased West Nile Virus activity in California. So far in 2012, 18 counties report West Nile Virus activity, making it 7 more counties than last year. The prevalence of West Nile Virus has caused it to spread to humans. A woman from Kern County was READ MORE

Flying Ants in House

July 3, 2012
flying ants in house

Flying Ants in House Flying ants may be something you expected to see only in conjunction with flying pigs.  But, the reality is flying ants are a common occurrence especially during the summer months.  If the flying ants are in the house, there may be bigger problems ­­underfoot, literally.   Flying ants are reproductive female ants that have been expelled READ MORE