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  1. Desiree Wilson says:

    I’m having issues with pigeons in my apartment. I believe that they are living in my attic space. I told the apartment complex about my problem but they aren’t doing anything about it. What’s the next step?

  2. Sarah says:

    We are having problems with Black Widows around and in our sons outside toys is there a way to repel them?

  3. laura little says:

    i am having a bad gnat problem. They are climbing the walls and flying all inside my home. How can i get rid of them?

  4. diane says:

    I have two kinds of ants. One is a black winged ant that always is in the swimmimg pool after a rain. I think they are on the leaves from the many trees around the pool The other ant is a very small crazy ant looks like it carries a white dot. It is in the bark of my trees and killing the trees. It is also in the roots of my plants killing them. I have tried everything home depot has.