Earwig Control

Earwig Control – Pest Control for Earwigs

Contrary to popular myth, earwigs do not bite or sting. They can however quickly grow in population and damage plants and infest homes. A number of methods can be used to reduce or control earwigs. Pest control for these species requires an integrated management program that both experts and homeowners can apply.

Earwigs are a moisture-loving insect, which is a fact that can be used when trying to remove these insects from yards. Trapping is a common method for controlling populations. Traps can be scattered throughout a yard or garden in moisture-rich areas: near water, ponds or under rocks or leaves.

Homemade traps for these critters are just as effective as any product available for purchase. Simply wash out a used pet food can and fill the bottom with a little honey or water. This will attract these wiggly creatures and trap, or stick, them to the bottom of the can for easy disposal. This process can be repeated as needed, both outdoors and within the home. If an earwig infestation problems continue, professional help can be considered.

Once eradicated, maintaining a clean and dry yard will prevent a return of these insects. Dark, wet and sheltered areas will appeal greatly to earwigs, and by eliminating such conditions from yards and gardens, these insects will more than likely leave to seek shelter elsewhere. Earwigs also have a penchant for fruit trees and will show signs of life at the base of these trees. To discourage the nesting of these insects in and around fruit trees, all vegetation should be pruned and fruit promptly removed once ripened.