What Do Moles Eat

A mole’s main food source is the earthworm. Moles are insectivores, mainly feeding on beetle grubs and other animals that dwell in the soil. They don’t typically feed on bulbs or plant roots. They take in a lot of vegetable matter such as grass seed, wheat seed, and sorghum seed. When insects live deep within the ground, the moles do also as insects are their food supply. This is especially true during summer months when the ground dries out and during colder months when the ground is frozen. This makes it hard to know whether moles are still around, because they are not coming up to the surface.

While some homeowners may consider the mole to be a pest, some scientists believe the contrary. They consider the moles to be a benefit as they eat things that could potentially be harmful to a yard. They devour such things as ants, slugs, and mole crickets. It’s often hard for homeowners to appreciate the mole for these reasons because they also tear up yards while searching for food. They have the ability to tunnel as many as 18 feet in just an hour. This tunneling can be both good and bad. While it can loosen and aerate soil, it can also physically damage the root system of a yard by raising the roots, which causes them to become dry. This often looks worse than it is and, in most cases, the tunneling doesn’t actually hurt a yard.