Termite Control Products Advance Termite Monitoring Base

Advance Termite Monitoring Base

Advance Termite Monitoring Base
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Advance Termite Monitoring Base - 5 pack

The Advance Termite Bait System is an excellent choice for maintaining termite control around your home and preventing new infestations. The Advance Termite Monitoring Base is an essential piece used to monitor the activity of the termites. This is a great investment to prevent damage to your home. It is what the professionals use!

By inserting the Monitoring Base into the monitoring station, you are drawing in any nearby termites to the tempting wood. These monitoring bases contain no pesticides or active ingredients; they are simply pure wood to attract the termites. You can get an eyeful of your termite population and make sure any threats are taken care of before damage is done.

Why it Works

Even if you know you have termites, start with the monitoring base instead of the actual bait. The termites will come to the wood in the Advance Termite Monitoring Base and feed with no side effects. When you see the termites in the monitoring station and numbers increasing, switch to the bait and it will begin to poison and eliminate them. The more termites that are eating the wood, the more termites that will eat the poison. This monitor bait ensures the termites will continue to eat when the poison bait is added.

Because the monitoring bases and the baits both fit into the bait stations, all you have to do is switch the wood base to the bait at the appropriate time and you’ll be all set; no need to re-install any stations. This is an easy to use and extremely effective system that can save you thousands of dollars by preventing termite damage.

Prior to installation, read through all the directions for the monitoring base system.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jay Birch
    I know that it is much easier to prevent termites than to treat them so we invested in the Advance Termite Monitoring to protect our new home. Its also important to know as early as as possible if you have termites.
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