B&G Sprayer

B&G Sprayer
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B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer with 18-inch Wand

B&G sprayers are the top pest control sprayers used by almost every professional in the pest control industry. Each B&G sprayer is hand built and hand tested to make sure there are no leaks or weaknesses. This insecticide sprayer is built to last a lifetime, and every part is replaceable. The B&G 1 gallon sprayer has a hand pump and utilizes a carpet protector ring located on the bottom of the device. The included 18-inch wand allows the user to spray in hard to reach areas. Every insecticide sprayer comes with spare parts, and the sprayer can be disassembled for easy cleaning.

Sprayer Type: Hand-held pump
Tank Size (gal.):

1 Gallon

Material/Construction: Brass/Metal parts, Stainless steel tank.
Spray Pattern: 4 point tip: mist, fine pin stream, pin stream, spray
Hose Length (in.):

48 inches

Wand Length (in.): 18 inches
Pressure (PSI): 50 psi
Special Features: Carpet protector casing on bottom of pest control sprayer, storage for spare parts, NO DRIP shut off
Warranty: 1 year manufacturer’s warranty covering defects
Parts Included: Carpet Protector Ring, 4 way tip, 18 inch Wand, Extenda-Ban Valve, 48 inch Hose
Manufactured By: B&G

B&G Sprayer Use

  1. MIXING: Before mixing, be sure to thoroughly clean the insecticide sprayer. Consult the label on your pesticide of choice for dilution ratios. Fill the B&G sprayer tank with the desired amount of water and pesticide. Follow pesticide label for instructions on mixing.
  2. Use the different nozzle selections depending on where you are spraying. Typical outdoor perimeter applications include spraying a band of soil that is 6-10 ft wide around the house, and 3ft up the foundation. Some pesticides are made for spraying large surface areas, such as lawns. When using the B&G sprayer inside, spray small amounts around windows, doors, and cracks. Consult the label on pesticides to see which are usable indoors, as well as other safety measures.

B&G Sprayer Description

The B&G 1 Gallon Sprayer is one of the most reliable sprayers available. With proper storage and cleaning, this sprayer may be the only pest control sprayer you ever purchase. Built to last long, the B&G sprayer is effective at applying pesticides inside and outside your home. The variety of nozzles, as well as the 18-inch wand, allow for easy access to any area of your property. The size of the wand eliminates excess bending, making it easier to apply pesticides to window wells and foundations.

There are spare storage areas for parts inside of the carpet protector ring. All these parts come off for easy access cleaning. Both homeowners and pest-control professionals prefer high-quality sprayers made by B&G.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Gerry Holt
    After using pest control companies for years, I noticed that this is the sprayer they all used to treat the inside and outside of my home. I did my research and it is Amercian made and can last for decades with proper maintenance. I decided to invest in my own spray equipment and bought the B&G. It is a bit pricey but it is worth it. Super durable and effective. I can see that it really has the potential to last almost forever.
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