Bed Bug Products Bedlam Insecticide Spray

Bedlam Insecticide Spray

Bedlam Insecticide Spray
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Bedlam Insecticide – 17 oz. can

A bed bug infestation can happen in any home; they can be picked up from traveling, even from the nicest hotels. If they do get in your home, you want to get rid of them quickly and efficiently. Bedlam Insecticide, the top used aerosol product to eliminate bed bugs by professionals, can do just that. It is a residual aerosol spray that you can use specifically for bed bugs, even spot-treating the bedding and mattress. Not many other aerosols can do that. Bedlam spray is safe to use in homes and is effective on not only bed bugs, but also on dust mites, ticks, fleas and lice, some of the most hated insects of all!

Bedlam not only kills within hours, but it also lasts. This is one of the few products that not only kills adult bed bugs, but the eggs as well. It is safe for humans and animals, even when sprayed on pillows, mattresses and box springs.


  • Kills adult bed bugs and bed bug eggs
  • Kills fast and continues to work for weeks
  • Easy application
  • Safe for humans and pets
  • Works on hard to get rid of pests
  • Highly versatile
  • Non-staining and low odor


Because of the aerosol container, there is no mixing, measuring or diluting -- it’s so easy to use! It is safe to use around kids and pets, but keep them out of the area until the product is dry. Bedlam is one of the only products that can be broadcast sprayed onto entire mattresses, box springs, headboards, baseboards, walls, and other furniture. You can use it on pet bedding, but do not spray directly on pets. Do not use in food handling areas.

As with any pesticide, read and follow all directions and precautions before use.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jessica Hancock
    After being away at college we were excited to see our son again but we weren't too happy when we found out later he brought home unwanted guests--bedbugs! Thankfully, there's an easy way to get rid of them. After searching online, we purchased Bedlam Insecticide and conscientiously followed all instructions for proper bedbug extermination. We've been bedbug free ever since. We also sent a couple of cans to our son to make sure he doesn't bring them home again.
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