Bee Gloves

Bee Gloves
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Bee Gloves

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Whether your hobby is tending beehives, or you need to remove a hazardous bees’ nest threatening your property, make sure to protect your hands an arms from dangerous stings. Bees and other stinging insects become very aggressive when their nest or queen is in danger, and will sting an unprotected victim. One sting alone can be quite painful, while multiple stings -- especially from species like the Africanized honeybee -- can cause serious health risks.

Bee Gloves are important when tending, treating, or eliminating stinging insects, such as bees, wasps, or hornets. If you are treating or eliminating a nest, your hands will be vulnerable. The pesticides will more than likely anger the bees and their defenses will be up -- they’ll be ready to sting! Your hands may be the first body part they find and attack.

With bee gloves, the bees or other stinging insects will not be able to sting your hands. If you only wear one piece of bee protection, it should be gloves. With a professional, high quality grade, durable leather glove, the bees or other insects will not be able to sting through the material. You can get your job done quickly and be safe at the same time.

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  • Author: Robert Shah
    Thick leather and comfortable. The leather keeps them from getting ruined when they get honey on them.
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