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Bee Veil and Bee Hat

Bee Veil and Bee Hat
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Bee Veil and Bee Hat

Anyone tending hives, whether as a professional or as a hobbyist, needs to be as careful as possible around stinging insects. Homeowners who needs to treat or eliminate a beehive, wasp nest, or hornet nest should dress the part. Bees, hornets and wasps use their stings as defense mechanisms, and a single sting alone can be quite painful. Multiple stings can be very dangerous. By wearing proper equipment, you keep yourself safe.

Along with a bee suit, it's advisable to have a bee veil and a bee hat. With a bee hat and veil, the important part is coverage, and the best quality bee head protection can attach to the bee suit providing less opportunity for bees to enter clothing. The more secure coverage, the less likely you will be stung. This high quality, durable bee head protection one will do the trick.

It is safe practice to protect yourself with a bee veil and hat when treating or eliminating a hive. You’ll be glad to have a bee veil or bee hat for protection.

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  • Author: Robert Shah
    Don't do any bee work without this! The veil is sturdy and keeps the bees out with a tight zipper.
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