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Bifen IT
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Bifen IT - 16 oz. bottle

Bifen IT is one of the most widely used pesticides, and targets over 75 pests. This pesticide contains the active ingredient bifenthrin, and can be used indoors, outdoors, and in food-handling areas. This bifen product does not break down in the rain, and remains active for 3 months after application. There is no odor or visible stain after Bifen IT dries, and can be applied over large surface areas. This is one of the most popular all-in-one pesticides on the market.

Which Pests Does this Product Target? General use pesticide that targets over 75 pests, including hornets, stinkbugs, bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, and many more. Consult the label for a complete list.
Active Ingredient:

Bifenthrin, 7.9%

Pet Safe: Yes; after the spray has dried
How to Apply? Indoors for cracks and crevices, food prepartion areas (never apply directly to food, including gardens). Outdoors, including perimeter and large surface area use.
How Long Does This Product Last?

1 Qt equals 32-96 complete gallons.

Manufactured By: FMC

Bifen IT Use

  1. Bifen IT is applied using a spray applicator. Use the dilution chart in the label to measure the right amount of Bifen IT to be mixed per gallon of water. There are specific dilution levels for different insects. The product’s package contains a measuring container that is used to apply the right amount of pesticide into the holding tank of the sprayer.

  2. Bifen IT must be applied using a sprayer. When applying indoors, spray inside of cracks, voids, along baseboards, around the perimeter of doors and windows, and for spot treatments. When spraying in an area used for food preparation, remove all food before spraying. When spraying outdoors, create a protective barrier by spraying a 6-10 ft band of soil around the home, and a 3 ft high barrier on the foundation of the house. Besides a perimeter, this bifenthrin pesticide can be used as a broadcast application to lawns and other general outdoor areas.

  3. Do not apply Bifen IT on edible crops. Do not use as a broad application indoors. Do not burn treated firewood within one month of spraying. Do not allow children or pets into treated areas until spray has dried. If inhaled, move to fresh air and contact poison control. Rinse skin/eyes if contaminated. If swallowed, slowly sip water and contact poison control. Do not induce vomiting.

Bifen IT Description

Bifen IT is a popular pesticide for residential and commercial properties, indoors and outdoors. This product is safe for use in food preparation areas, and can also be applied broadly to lawns and other large outdoor areas. It’s broad spectrum means that Bifen IT is a multi-insecticide. Bifenthrin insecticide is effective for 3 months against over 75 pests, including stinkbugs, termites, and other pests.

The active ingredient bifenthrin creates a protective barrier that keeps cockroaches, spiders, ants, and other insects from entering your home. Because it can be used in the kitchen and other indoor areas, this pesticide is also effective at controlling a pre-existing infestation. Reduce the amount of mosquitoes in your yard by spraying under leaves, in shrubbery, and throughout the lawn.

Bifen IT is one of the most complete pesticides on the market, providing a wide application against a large variety of bugs, an environmentally friendly approach, and a long lasting residue.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: JohnBA01
    A few weeks ago, we found a roach infestation in our backyard. We immediately looked online for options on how to eliminate them. Upon checking Bifen IT we found good reviews and decided to give it a try. It cost a little over $20 but it definitely was the cheapest solution I could find from reputable sources. I would highly recommend it.
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