Cy-Kick CS

Cy-Kick CS
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Cy-Kick CS - 16 oz. bottle

Cy-Kick CS insecticide is a long lasting pesticide that provides a powerful knockdown to a wide variety of insects.This product creates a lethal barrier against spiders, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, ticks, and many other pests.The active ingredient, cyfluthrin, is a pyrethroid, making this product a powerful and environmentally friendly solution to your common household pests.Microcapsules allow this product to remain active for 90 days, and can even be used indoors.No odors or stains occur when following instructions on the label.

Which Pests Does this Product Target? General use pesticide that targets over 55 insects inside and outside the home.See label for complete list.
Active Ingredient: Cyfluthrin, 6.0%
Pet Safe: Yes; when following the label
How to Apply? Indoors for cracks and crevices and Outdoors, including perimeter
How Long Does This Product Last? 10-25 uses
Manufactured By: Whitmire Micro-Gen

Cy-Kick CS Use

  1. Always clean out spray equipment before diluting pesticides.Shake Cy-Kick CS insecticide before beginning dilution.Cy-Kick CS should be diluted to either .05% or .10%, depending on the severity and length of treatment.Use 1-2 fl oz respectively for every gallon of water.These dilutions can be used for both indoors and outdoors.When diluting, add half of the desired amount of water, then add the pesticide, then finish adding the rest of the water.Refer to label for specific details on mixing.
  2. Cy-kick CS insecticide can be applied using pump hand sprays, carrier backpacks, and power spray equipment.When using indoors, apply to cracks an crevices where bugs may be hiding, including along baseboards, the perimeter of windows and doors, and in hard to reach places.Please refer to label when applying in areas used for food preparation.
  3. Create a perimeter of protection outdoors, spray a band of soil 6-10 ft wide surrounding the home.Spray directly on the foundation of the building up to 3 ft high.Cy-Kick insecticide can be used to spray manmade voids, such as window wells, meter boxes, and other areas.Spray around doors and windowsills.To target specific infestations, consult the label for insect-specific directions.
  4. Do not apply Cy-Kick CS insecticide directly to food or places that food directly touches.If product comes in contact with eyes or skin, rinse affected area for 15-20 minutes.If inhaled, move into fresh air and remain calm.Do not induce vomiting if ingested.Instead, slowly sip a glass of water, and contact poison control.

Cy-Kick CS Description

Cy-Kick CS provides a controlled release of the powerful active ingredient cyfluthrin.This product provides a lethal knockdown while remaining environmentally friendly.Cy-Kick pesticide causes very little skin irritation compared to other insecticides, and has a NFPA health risk of 0.Out of all the pesticides that incorporate SMART microencapsulation technology, Cy-Kick CS targets the widest variety of insects, and remains active for 90 days.

The microcapsules in this product allow it to stick to tough surfaces.Insects easily pick them up, and the active ingredient quickly absorbs into the exoskeleton of the pest.Microcapsules reduce exposure to mammals, and cyfluthrin is a safe insecticide for use inside and outside the home.

Cy-Kick CS targets spiders, bees, hornets, bedbugs, cockroaches, silverfish, centipedes, millipedes, ants, beetles, mites, moths, termites, and many other insects.Please see label for complete list.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: RobertK
    I had been looking for months for a good do-it-yourself pest product for bad bug problems in our home. A friend recommended Cy-Kick and I have never used any other solution for 2 years now! Works for me.
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