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Cyhalocap CS
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Cyhalocap CS

Cyhalocap CS is an effective general-use insecticide. This product uses Smart Cap microencapsulation technology that allows for longer protection against pests.These microcapsules make it easier for insects to come into contact with the active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin, making it more effective than other competing insecticides. This water-based insecticide establishes a solid perimeter around your home that works against spiders, ants, wasps, bedbugs, mosquitoes, and several other insects. Cyhalocap CS is a great solution for your indoor and outdoor pests.

Which Pests Does this Product Target? Over 30 common insects including ants, spiders, bees, wasps, mosquitoes, crickets, scorpions, and more. Look below for a more comprehensive list.
Active Ingredient: Lambda-cyhalothrin 9.7%
Pet Safe: Yes; if applied according to label
How to Apply? Indoors on possible entry points (windows, doors, cracks) and Outdoors
How Long Does This Product Last? 10-25 uses
Manufactured By: Whitmore Micro-Gen


  1. Cyhalocap CS is a liquid concentrate that can be diluted with water. It is best to apply this product using a hand-held sprayer. Fill the applicator tank with the desired amount of water, and then add the desired amount of Cyhalocap Scour every gallon, use 0.2 fl oz., 0.4 fl oz, or 0.8 fl oz depending on the targeted insect. A single gallon treats 800-1,200 sq. feet. The higher concentrations should be used for long residual cleanouts and high insect infestations.
  2. Use a hand held applicator that delivers coarse sprays. When applying inside, spray Cyhalocap CS in corners and cracks where insects may be hiding or breeding. Spot treatments are effective. Spray this product around windows, doors, and the base of plumbing to create a protective barrier. Remove all food before spraying in cupboards, and allow spray to dry before replacing the items. Rooms are habitable once the spray has dried.To create an outdoor perimeter of protection, spray Cyhalocap CS on the soil within 6 feet around the foundation, and 3 feet up the foundation. Spray around window and doorframes, and inside window wells. Treatments may be reapplied no more than twice a week.
  3. Never apply Cyhalothrin CS directly to a water source, or within 25 feet of a water source. Do not spray around food or edible plants. Be sure that all the insecticide is dry before permitting pets or children in a treated area, whether inside or outside the home. Thoroughly rinse skin or eyes for 15-20 minutes if you come in contact with the insecticide. If ingested, contact poison control immediately. Do not drink liquids or induce vomiting after ingestion. If you inhale it, move to fresh air and contact poison control.


Cyhalothrin CS is a liquid microencapsulated concentrate that can be applied to any surface that will not be damaged by water. This product leaves very little odor, and only stains when applied liberally. The microcapsules cause this insecticide to cling to surfaces, allowing it to deliver its active ingredient over a long period of time. The active ingredient is lambda-cyhalothrin, and provides a quick knockdown for a wide variety of insects.

This product is safe for children and pets once it has thoroughly dried, allowing treatment inside and outside homes.Cyhalothrin CS works when insects come into direct contact with the microcapsules. During contact, lambda-cyhalothrin transfers to the insect’s body.

Cyhalothrin is effective against ants, bees, wasps, spiders, beetles, flies, mosquitoes, scorpions, earwigs, millipedes, cockroaches, centipedes, and several other common household pests.

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  • Author: John7709
    This absolutely destroys ants and roaches outside! Great pest product!
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