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Demand CS
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Demand CS - 8 oz. bottle

Demand CS is one of the most popular products in the pest control industry.It is so effective that pest control companies view it as their top-choice for 90-day interval general pest control treatments.Demand CS targets over 30 insects, including ticks, spiders, ants, and bedbugs.Demand insecticide is a liquid-concentrate insecticide that is much more effective against ants, spiders, and other insects when compared to other insecticides.The microencapsulated technology allows the active ingredient to bind to surfaces, offering up to 90 days of effectiveness. This product can be used indoors and outdoors.

Which Pests Does this Product Target? Wide variety of yard, home and ornamental pests. A complete list is found below.
Active Ingredient: Lambda-cyhalothrin 9.7%
Pet Safe: Yes; if applied according to label
How to Apply? Indoors: possible entry points (windows, doors, cracks), Outdoors
How Long Does This Product Last? 10-25 uses
Manufactured By: Syngenta

Demand CS Insecticide Use

  1. Demand CS is a concentrate and must be diluted with water.Us a hand-held sprayer or backpack sprayer for application.Measure out the desired amount of water, and then add the Demand insecticide.For every gallon, use 6 ml, 12 ml, or 24 ml depending on the targeted insect.The label provides a grid with the desired amount for each insect.
  2. Use a hand held applicator that delivers coarse sprays.When applying indoors, clean all areas before you spray.An indoor perimeter spray includes window and doorframes, inside cracks, and around the base of plumbing fixtures.For spiders, spray along the edges of baseboards and in dark corners.Spot treatments are effective, and can even be applied inside cupboards and pantries.Be sure to remove all food and utensils before spraying, and allow Demand insecticide to fully dry before replacing items.
  3. Outdoor use can be varied.For basic protection, Spray along the perimeter of the home, including window wells.Be sure to spray plants and branches that are close to the foundation of the home.Apply the spray up to 3 feet high on the foundation.
  4. Do not apply in an area being used by people or animals.Make sure the insecticide is completely dry before allowing people and pets back in the room.Do not apply to crops, food, or within 25 feet of a water source.If applied to skin or eyes, rinse for 15-20 minutes and contact a poison control center.If ingested, call a poison control center immediately.Do not drink liquids or induce vomiting.If inhaled, moved person to fresh air.

Demand CS Insecticide Description

Demand CS insecticide is a liquid concentrate insecticide that uses microcapsules for a very effective general-use pesticide.The microencapsulated formula in Demand CS allows this insecticide to stick to surfaces for prolonged periods of time.As the insecticide dries, it releases the active ingredient lambda-cyhalothrin, which takes down insects with a quick knockdown.Demand pesticide residual is long lasting, and establishes a solid perimeter of protection, inside and outside your home.

Demand pesticide kills insects when insects come in direct contact with the capsules.This causes lambda-cyhalothrin to be directly transmitted to the cuticle of the insect, quickly killing the insect.

Demand CS is effective against over 30 insects, including ants, spiders, ticks, bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, box elder bugs, caterpillars, scorpions, cockroaches, beetles, termites, bees, wasps, and many more insects.

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  • Author: Susan78
    With 3 kids we are always looking for effective ways to keep our home safe from dangerous pests. We found Demand works to take care of almost every pest including roaches, spiders and ants. We even found dead scorpions in our backyard that we didn't even know we had. This product starts to work within as little as a few hours after application. Great product.
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