Rat Control Products Fastrac Blox Rat Bait and Mouse Bait

Fastrac Blox Rat Bait and Mouse Bait

Fastrac Blox Rat Bait and Mouse Bait
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Fastrac Blox - (4 lb. pail / 128 bait blocks)

Fastrac Blox are a fast acting single feeding rodent bait. This bait, equipped with easy-to-gnaw edges, can kill rodents in a single day after consuming a lethal dose. Designed for easy installation, Fastrac rodenticide blocks have mounting holes for the rods in rodent bait stations. These holes can also be used to wire or hammer bait in hard to reach places. Colored purple, Fastrac rodenticide contains the active ingredient Bromethalin.

Active Ingredient: Bromethalin.01%
Target pests: Rats and Mice
For use in: Agricultural facilities, animal facilities, warehouses, food processing facilities, commercial, industrial, and residential areas.
Application: Rats:Place 2 to 12 blocks per placement (usually at intervals of 15 to 30 feet). This can be adjusted according to the severity of the rat infestation.

Mice:Use 1 bait block per placement. Space placements at intervals of 8 to 12 feet in infested areas. Sometimes up to 4 blocks are required per placement for large mice infestations.
Pet safe: No. Make sure Fastrac rodenticide bait is inaccessible to children and pets. Use rat bat stations if there is a chance of pets or children accessing the bait.
Yield: Each 4 lb. pail contains approx. 128 (15 gram) blocks measuring 1.75" X .75" each.
Shelf Life: If unopened and sealed, product will last 2-3 years if kept away from extreme temperatures. Once opened, should last a year in normal conditions
Coverage Area: Place indoors or within 50 feet of the building.
Color: Purple
Special Features: Multifaceted surface for gnawing Is durable in multiple weather conditions.
Time to Kill: Stop feed action after consuming lethal dose, 12-48 hours
Manufactured By: Bell Labs

Fastrac Blox Use

  1. Place Fastrac Blox bait in an area of high rodent activity. Bait can be set inside a rodent bait station, strung on a wire, nailed to a board, placed in rat burrows, dropped in a rat’s nest, or a variety of other places .Make sure that bait is inaccessible to pets and children. There is no antidote for bromethalin poisoning.Carefully follow the label and contact poison control immediately if Fastrac rodenticide is ingested.
  2. Check on Fastrac Blox bait after several days. Replenish if necessary.
  3. This product can be used in federally inspected food facilities if placed in a rat bait station.
  4. Always follow the label.

Fastrac Blox Description

Fastrac Blox causes rapid death upon ingestion. Bromethalin targets the central nervous system. While this kills the rodent, it also suppresses its appetite, so there is bait leftover for more rodents. A lethal feeding can kill the rodent within a single day. Remove as much alternate food from the placement area as possible to ensure that rodents feed on the Fastrac Blox bait.

Fastrac Blox are made with multifaceted surfaces that encourage gnawing. The process through which Bell Labs makes this bait produces a weather resistant product that still appeals to rodents.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: BlackburnB
    Fastrac Blox controlled our rat problems in less than a week. Great product.
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