Mouse Control Products Fastrac Place Paks Mouse Bait

Fastrac Place Paks Mouse Bait

Fastrac Place Paks Mouse Bait
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Fastrac Place Paks Mouse Bait - 121 15 gram packs

Fastrac Place Paks Mouse Bait is a highly effective and easy to use bait that will rid any area of mice and other small rodents. Bromethalin, the active ingredient, is powerful enough to kill rats or mice after a single feeding.

To Use

It's easy to use: simply place the mouse bait at intervals around the infestation. Use more Place Paks for rats than mice, and increase the quantity of bait for more severe infestations. Place Paks are best to use in a bait station, or in secluded/locked areas such as storage units or attics. The bait’s bright color makes it easy to see and monitor. Because the rodents stop feeding once they’ve ingested the bait, you'll save by using less bait. You can replenish as needed if you see signs of continued rodent infestation.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast acting once ingested
  • Low risk of secondary poisoning if the dead rodent is consumed
  • Pellets are moisture resistant
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Can use in bait stations for added safety
  • Highly accepted by mice and rats

Make sure to carefully read and follow instructions, labels and precautions before use of this product.

Product rating

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Rene Kuster
    Lives up to its name. Definitely worth the cost. We have a barn infested with the small rodents but they have been totally annihilated with Fastrac. Very satisfied.
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