Rat Control Products Final Blox Rodenticide Rat Bait and Mouse Bait

Final Blox Rodenticide Rat Bait and Mouse Bait

Final Blox Rodenticide Rat Bait and Mouse Bait
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Final Blox Rodenticide - 18 lb. pail

Final Blox Rodenticide is effective bait which boasts a supreme rate of acceptance by rodent pests.This bait is made with over 16 food-grade ingredients, making it one of the most attractive brodifacoum baits on the market. Final Blox Rodenticide is colored red, making it easy to identify. Each individual bait block has a hole through the center of it, making it easy to mount in a bait station, wire from a rafter, or nail to a board. Final Blox Rodenticide goes through a special extrusion process that produces bait that can stand up to bad weather.

Active Ingredient: Brodifacoum.005%
Target pests: Rats and Mice
For use in: Residential, commercial, industrial, warehouse, and farming areas
Application: RATS:Place 5 to 22 blocks. For multiple placements, separate by about 15 – 30 feet)
MICE:Place 1 block per placement. For multiple placements, separate by 8 – 12 feet. For large mouse populations, use 2 blocks per placement.
Pet safe: No. Store and place out of reach of pets and children. Use bait stations for extra protection. Vitamin K1 is a known antidote, and can often be found in a veterinarian’s clinic.
Yield: Each 4 lb. pail contains approx. 88 x 20 gram blocks measuring 1.75 in. x 1 in. x .75 in.

Each 18 lb. pail contains approx. 400 x 20 gram blocks.
Shelf Life: Product should last the season when stored in a dry area with moderate temperature.
Coverage Area: Place inside or within 50 feet of a building.
Color: Red
Special Features: Special mix of food-grade ingredients gives this bait a high rate of acceptance among rodents. The bait handles bad weather conditions, and contains several edges that encourage gnawing. Vitamin K1 is a known antidote.
Time to Kill: Single feed, 1-5 days
Manufactured By: Bell Labs

Final Blox Rodenticide Use

  1. Locate areas of rodent activity. Look for burrows, nests, droppings, gnaw marks, and smudges along walls. Place bait in these areas. Bait can be installed in a bait station, wired to a pipe, nailed to a beam, or placed freestanding in secure areas. Make sure that bait is out of reach of pets and children.
  2. Check Final rodenticide bait periodically. Replace when needed.
  3. If used in a food preparation facility, this product must be used in a bait station.
  4. Always follow the label.

Final Blox Rodenticide Description

Final Blox Rodenticide has a higher rate of acceptance when compared to other bait products. This is due to the 16 food-grade ingredients that are used in the product. The active ingredient in Final Blox Rodenticide is Brodifacoum, an anticoagulant. After feeding, the rodenticide transfers from the digestive system into the blood stream where it inhibits clotting. The rodent dies within a few days.

Final rodenticide is especially effective at handling large infestations of mice. Remove all food in the area to encourage rodents to feed on the bait. Do not use bait in areas where it can come into contact with food. Read and follow the label carefully.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Hemmo Kager
    Used Final Blox in several bait stations around the house and outside. I believe this works because we haven't seen a rat or mouse for over two weeks now.
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