Termite Control Products I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide

I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide

I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide
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I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide - 4 x 2.25 oz. pounches

For killing an entire colony of termites, use I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide. This cost effective, highly rated product is ideal for keeping your home termite free. Termites walk right through this non-repellant termiticide, taking it back to the colony to share with other termites. Because it is non-repellant, the termites don’t avoid it -- instead, they go right to it, taking it to the entire colony, and eliminating your termite problem. When you only kill the visible termites, your infestation is not eliminated; the whole colony needs to go. This is your product!

Not only does I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide target a variety of termite species, it also eliminates beetles, some ant species, carpenter bees and other insects.

This product is the generic form of Premise 75 WP. They both contain the same active ingredient, Imidacloprid, but I Maxx Pro WSP Termiticide is a more cost effective solution.


  • Smart option for perimeter control of termites and forming a protective barrier
  • Use in commercial and residential areas
  • Prevents termites from doing costly damage to your home

To Use

Dilute product with water in proportions according to package directions. Each pouch makes 100 gallons of the finished solution. Use as directed.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Logan Farrell
    Highly recommend I Maxx Pro for homeowners with termite problems. It's worth the money and it works. I've had success controlling ant problems with this product, too. This is effective and easy to use.
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