Fly Control Products Maxforce Granular Fly Bait

Maxforce Granular Fly Bait

Maxforce Granular Fly Bait
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Maxforce Granular Fly Bait – 5 lb. pail

Maxforce Granular Fly Bait kills annoying flies fast, and keeps killing for up to 30 days. Use this effective bait outdoors to control and eliminate fly populations. With its tempting aroma and pheromone formula, the flies are instantly drawn to it. Once they come in contact with this non-repellant granular bait, they are quickly eliminated.

You can use this product in conjunction with fly bait stations. Maxforce Granular Fly Bait also contains a bittering agent to deter animals or children from ingesting it, but only use in areas inaccessible by children, pets and other animals. This fly bait is an excellent choice to use around dumpsters and garbage receptacles.


  • Easy to use
  • Extremely effective
  • Attractive formula quickly lures flies
  • Versatile
  • Kills flies fast
  • Long lasting effects will help to eliminate the fly population


You can use this versatile bait in a number of ways, including in bait stations and scattering as a wide range application. You can even dissolve the granules in water and paint the fly bait on most any surface (follow package directions carefully when mixing). For optimum results, apply in warm areas where flies tend to congregate and rest.

As with any fly insecticide product, please follow all labels, precautions and directions.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Jason Pace
    No more annoying flies, thanks to Maxforce. It was easy to use and quickly worked to attract and kill the pests. It's been weeks since I put the bait out and it still works.
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