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Maxforce Magnum Cockroach Gel Bait

Maxforce Magnum Cockroach Gel Bait
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Maxforce Magnum Cockroach Gel Bait – 33-gram reservoir with plunger

For fast, efficient control of hard-to-kill roaches, Maxforce Magnum Cockroach Gel Bait is the product for every homeowner with a cockroach problem. This is the one the pros use for total control of German cockroaches! It’s the one used to keep kitchens and restaurants roach-free.

The active ingredient, Fipronil, is one of the most powerful agents in fighting cockroaches, and this German cockroach bait has five times more of it than other baits. With its long lasting effect the unknowing bugs will spread the bait to other roaches. Working on almost all varieties of roaches, including German cockroaches, it is the last product you may ever need.


This cockroach gel bait is easy to apply and easy to monitor; you can also use it in conjunction with other Maxforce products.A plunger is used to expel the gel bait to the desired area. Clean and remove other roach food sources before use.

You will know if you need to apply again if you see roaches, but no more bait. As long as there is roach activity, you can reapply the gel bait. If activity slows down but the bait is still evident, no need to reapply. You can wait months for reapplication as it does have long lasting effects; roaches will continue to feast on the gel for up to a year.


  • Best bait on the market for German roaches
  • Extremely powerful and effective formula that will eliminate roach populations of even hard-to-kill bugs
  • Kills roaches faster than other baits
  • Can be applied as needed to control roach populations

Make sure to read all product labels, directions and precautions and follow them accordingly for maximum results.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Gerry Tinsdey
    We had a pest inspection and found out we had a German roach problem. I used Maxforce Magnum in our kitchen after cleaning and scrubbing the day before. The next day I was surprised at the massive amount of dead roaches. They were all over the kitchen. Each morning I kept seeing dead roaches until after a few days they were all gone. Wish I would have found this before I wasted money on other useless sprays I bought at the hardware store.
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