Bee Control Products MotherEarth 2% Py Contact Aerosol

MotherEarth 2% Py Contact Aerosol

MotherEarth 2% Py Contact Aerosol
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MotherEarth 2% Py Contact Aerosol – 17.5 oz. can

Looking for a safer pesticide product to eliminate a wide range of household pests? Try MotherEarth 2% Py Contact Aerosol, with its green, botanical active ingredient, pyrethrins (a derivative from chrysanthemum flowers). Pyrethrin is an age-old ingredient known for its ability to kill and eliminate insects. This pyrethrin aerosol product is effective against a number of crawling and flying insects, including cockroaches, fleas, moths, silverfish, spiders, ticks and ants. It’s also effective in eliminating bees and stinging insects.

Because of the safer, organic active ingredient, this is an ideal insecticide to use in residential areas. You can use this both inside and out, and it is safe for use in food handling areas. Be sure to let product dry before letting pets and children around the area.


  • Safer than traditional pesticides
  • Works excellent on stinging insects
  • Green, organic and Eco-friendly!
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Kills on contact leaving no residual
  • Quick kill of a broad spectrum of flying, crawling and stinging insects
  • Perfect for treating cracks and crevices
  • Flushes insects out of hiding so you can see the problem
  • Easy to use aerosol requires no mixing or measuring
  • Convenient and ready to use


This product is perfect for spraying and treating hard to reach areas, like cracks and crevices. Let product dry before letting pets and humans come into contact with it. Make sure to read all product labels, directions and precautions and follow them accordingly for maximum results.

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