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MotherEarth D Diatomaceous Earth

MotherEarth D Diatomaceous Earth
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MotherEarth D Diatomaceous Earth - 10 lb. pail

MotherEarth D Diatomaceous Earth is an effective natural solution against a wide variety of pests.This is a green environmentally friendly product which contains 100% freshwater diatomaceous earth, making it safer for humans and pets. There are no chemical insecticides in Mother Earth D dust. Diatomaceous earth kills insects through desiccation after the insects come into contact with the dust. If diatomaceous earth is left undisturbed, it can last almost forever, providing long-term protection from pests.

Which Pests Does this Product Target? Almost all crawling insects, including ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, and centipedes.
Active Ingredient: Pure freshwater Diatomaceous Earth 100.00%
Pet Safe: Yes; can even be applied to pet’s bedding
How to Apply? Indoors and outdoors. Sprinkle Mother Earth D Diatomaceous Earth in cracks, crevices, entry points, bedframes, and other problem surfaces.
How Long Does This Product Last? 8 oz treats a 2,000 square foot home (an approximation)
Manufactured By: Whitmire Micro-Gen

MotherEarth D Diatomaceous Earth Use

  1. Sprinkle lightly using your hand or a hand duster. Sometimes a bulb duster is needed to insert dust into cracks and crevices. Apply MotherEarth D Diatomaceous Earth dust in areas that are frequented by bugs.These include windowsills, bed frames, under furniture, in garages, cracks, holes where wires and plumbing enter the house, patios, crawl spaces, and anywhere else the dust can remain untouched by humans. Do not use diatomaceous earth in pantries, near food, or on edible plants.
  2. If diatomaceous earth gets in your eyes, rinse eyes for 15-20 minutes. Do not leave piles of dust when applying MotherEarth this can reduce the risk of dust particles becoming airborne and entering your eye. This product is not food grade, and should never be applied on or near food and water sources.

MotherEarth D Diatomaceous Earth Description

MotherEarth D Diatomaceous Earth is an environmentally friendly way to treat pests.This product is made of the fossilized remnants of phytoplankton. This creates a fine dust that removes the insects’ cuticles upon contact. Without a cuticle, insects are unable to maintain a proper level of moisture, and die from desiccation.

MotherEarth D Diatomaceous Earth is effective as long as the dust remains in place. The dust provides a permanent barrier of protection in areas that are free of disturbance. While this product is effective against bed bugs, it does not kill them immediately, and should be used alongside other methods of control.MotherEarth dust is effective against crawling insects, and many flying insects.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Kaylin Howard
    We purchased Motherearth D for flea control for several dogs and cats in the home. I don't regret choosing this product. We've used other products before but they don't work as effectively as this. Aside from getting rid of fleas, we've been able to use it for other insect problems in and outside the house.
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