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Phantom Aerosol

Phantom Aerosol
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Phantom Aerosol – 17.5 oz. can

With the same highly effective power as Phantom Insecticide, Phantom Aerosol is an excellent way to control pesky household insects, especially bed bugs and German roaches, in a convenient spray can. Having the same non-repellant formula, this aerosol will allow the pests to walk right through it. The insecticide sticks to them -- not only eventually killing them, but also letting them transfer it to other insects in the colony.

Phantom Aerosol is extremely effective against bed bugs and German roaches, plus a broad spectrum of other insects, including ants, termites, other cockroach species, house flies, and spiders. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular pesticides to use against bed bugs. Because of its longevity, it continues to kill long after it is dry.


  • Easy to use aerosol; no mixing or diluting
  • Portable pest control
  • Same great benefits as Phantom Insecticide, but easier to use
  • Can be use in food handling areas (read precautions)
  • Due to precision application, you can control the amount and not overuse the pesticide in your home
  • Non-staining


Phantom Aerosol is easy to apply; it goes exactly where you need it, whether into cracks and crevices, behind furniture, or over baseboards. For bed bug treatment, you can use it on the edges of mattresses and box springs, baseboards and other bedroom furniture. For German roaches and other bugs, spray directly in hiding spots, or directly where you see the bugs.

As with any pesticide, read and follow all directions before use.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: WestCoastPCO
    Best bed bug OR German roach killer EVER! I have used this product for years on the job.
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