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Phantom Insecticide – 21 oz. bottle

Bed bugs, roaches and termites are every homeowner’s nightmare, and trying to get rid of them isn’t always easy. However, with Phantom Insecticide, they’ll be gone before you know it. This is a top choice product for bed bugs, German roaches and other insects, due to its non-repellant characteristics. Because it’s a non-repellant pesticide, the bugs won’t know they are traveling through Phantom Insecticide -- but by walking through it, they unknowingly spread it to the rest of the colony. Not only will it kill by contact, but they will also ingest it. A benefit of the slow-acting formula is that the bugs, like German roaches, will pass it through the entire infestation.

Phantom Insecticide works great on bed bugs, too, as they have not built up a resistance to it like other insecticides. This product is also effective for perimeter barrier treatments and works well on targeted, spot areas. You can even use it in kitchens; follow directions carefully.


  • Effective and fast acting
  • Works in combination with other baits and pest control programs
  • Kills termites, bed bugs and roaches, plus ants and other insect species
  • Odorless and colorless
  • Undetectable to pests
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy to use
  • Safe around pets and children, when used as directed


For use, measure the product and mix as directed. Apply the liquid with a sprayer to areas with high infestation, such as pest breeding areas, trails and nests. Can be used inside or outdoors. You can reapply every four weeks. For bed bug treatment, a consistent two week cycle should be implemented until bugs are gone; make sure to treat in baseboards, cracks and crevices, and other places they may hide.

As with any pesticide, it is important to read all directions and precautions and follow them carefully for best results and maximum safety.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Makar Biryukov
    Phantom works. Used it to exterminate termites that originated from a woodpile in the backyard and tried it indoors for roaches and ants in the kitchen. Killed them all.
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