Pigeon Control Products PiGNX Pigeon Deterrent

PiGNX Pigeon Deterrent

PiGNX Pigeon Deterrent
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PignX Deterrent – 10 oz. tube

Bio-repellants are a humane, eco-friendly way to deter unwanted birds. PignX is a safe, effective, revolutionary product that uses these bio-repellants in the form of food grade ingredients and capsaicin (hot peppers) to irritate the birds enough to drive them away; it does not harm the pigeons.


As a pigeon deterrent, PignX uses the repellant feature of capsaicin in an effective delivery system. PignX is a gel that you apply using a regular caulking gun to the areas where the pigeons are roosting. If the surface is porous, it can soak up some of the oils, changing the composition and causing the gel to be less effective. However, you can seal the area, apply the gel to flashing, or use a silicone gel as a barrier.

PignX can last over a year and is extremely tolerant to most weather conditions. This product does not harm the birds; it only deters them due to the irritating feeling from the hot peppers. Make sure to apply enough of the gel in proportion to the bird population.


  • Environmentally friendly and non-harmful to pigeons
  • One of the lowest cost forms of pigeon control
  • Easy to use
  • Effective
  • Works immediately
  • Long lasting
  • Weatherproof

Please read and follow all information, directions and precautions before application.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Vegas702
    I live in Las Vegas and we have a really bad pigeon problem in this city. Pigeons get fed by the neighbors and then make their nests up in my roof. I used the pigeon spikes to stop them from landing underneath my roof overhang. There were a few spots that couldn’t fit spikes so I thought I’d give PiGNX a shot. It worked. I placed it where I didn’t want pigeons to go and that solved the problem.
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