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Pigeon Bird Gel

Pigeon Bird Gel
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Bird Gel – BirdX Bird Proof Gel – 3-pack of 10 oz. tubes

Looking for a way to get rid of pesky birds around the home? Are you tired of pigeons or other birds roosting on your deck or light posts? Use bird gel, an effective compound applied to surfaces that leaves the birds with an unpleasant feeling on their feet, keeping them from returning.

Bird gel is applied to most any surface, including window sills and ledges, railings and beams, and it is effective against pigeons and other roosting birds. It is useful for getting into nooks and crannies where pigeon spikes may be difficult to fit. Bird gel is non-toxic; the tacky, sticky substance just makes the birds uncomfortable, so they roost in other places.

Because bird gels are weatherproof and long lasting, an application will last up to a year. Apply bird gel with a standard caulking gun to areas where it is needed.


  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly
  • Easy to apply with a caulking gun to a variety of surfaces and materials
  • A non-pesticide alternative to repel pigeons
  • Long lasting
  • Budget friendly
  • Weatherproof
  • Will not harm most materials
  • Nothing to install structurally

Before applying, read and follow all directions and precautions carefully and apply using a caulking/glue gun. Make sure the gel is safe for the material on which you are applying it.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Christina Beck
    The former occupants of my apartment probably fed the birds on a regular basis because they just keep coming to my kitchen windowsill everyday. They were getting messy and I didn't know how to make them go away. A neighbor suggested I use a deterrent so I googled and found several products I could use. I didn't want to hurt the birds so bird gel was a great option. I just applied it and bye-bye birdies. Haven't been bothered since.
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