Pigeon Control Products Pigeon Spikes Plastic Narrow

Pigeon Spikes Plastic Narrow

Pigeon Spikes Plastic Narrow
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Pigeon Bird Spikes – narrow – 3 ft. long sturdy clear plastic strips

If pigeons are landing and roosting on your property, use pigeon spikes to stop them. Pigeon Bird Spikes are perfect for humanely solving a pigeon or bird pest problem. They will not cause any harm to the birds and will effectively encourage them to make their home in a different place. These narrow pigeon spikes are perfect for fitting into tight places such as in between roof tiles or in closely placed barriers. They are very sturdy and need no monitoring or maintenance once installed. 

For wider Pigeon deterrent spikes please visit our Wide Pigeon Spikes page.


  • Narrow profile for tight fit
  • Blends into surroundings
  • Installation is fast and easy
  • Cost effective
  • Humane. Does not harm the birds
  • Lasts for years

Make sure to properly measure the length and width of the application area. This will help you determine how many feet of pigeon spikes you need to complete your bird deterrent project. Use a caulking gun and clear glue to install the spikes. Once the anti pigeon spikes are correctly installed, no more pigeons!

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Anthony A. Peck
    Pigeons love to roost on the ledge just above our newly built deck which was getting splattered with all their droppings every day. We wanted a simple tool and found these bird spikes work well. They don't harm the birds but are effective in deterring them. We don't want to kill them. We just want them to make their nest in a different location.
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