Pigeon Control Products Pigeon Spikes Plastic Wide

Pigeon Spikes Plastic Wide

Pigeon Spikes Plastic Wide
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Pigeon Bird Spikes – wide – 3 ft. long sturdy clear plastic strips

If roosting birds, especially pigeons, are a problem, here's a great method for dealing with them safely, with no harm to the birds. Pigeon spikes are ideal for keeping the birds from roosting and nesting wherever you don’t want them, whether it’s your roof, a fence, signs or ledges. Birds won’t land on them, so they’ll find a new place to roost. Pigeon spikes also deter other bird species such as blackbirds and starlings.

Pigeon deterrent spikes are a smart choice because they are easy to use and will last. They're not only economical, but once they're installed, you can forget about them! Plastic spikes are VERY sturdy and are used by professional pigeon removal experts. You can install them onto almost any surface where birds roost. The spikes are safe for both the environment and the birds.


  • Extremely low visibility
  • Very cost effective
  • Easy to install
  • Humane and harmless to birds and environment
  • Long lasting
  • Effective
  • No monitoring or maintenance necessary

Measure the area to know how many feet of spikes you need to complete your bird exclusion project. Use clear glue, and a glue or caulking gun for installation. Read all instructions before installation. Once the anti pigeon spikes are correctly installed, no more worries!

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: P. Shannon
    Works for me. I guess my porch is a comfortable nesting area because the birds are always making it their home. I don't mind birds but the pigeons make a huge mess. I use these pigeon spikes to keep them from building their nests so they don't stain my front porch.
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