Mouse Control Products Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station

Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station

Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station
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Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station

The Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station is an effective station that is simple to use. The top of this lid twists off, and does not require a key. This small mouse bait station has three entry holes, and is designed to allow several mice to feed at the same time. The twist-off lid allows for easy cleaning. Because this product cannot be locked, make sure it is inaccessible to pets and children, and is anchored to the ground.

Target pests: Mice
For use in: Indoors and Outdoors, Residential and Commercial settings.
Application: Place in areas with high mouse activity, such as along walls.
Pet safe: This keyless mouse bait station is tamper resistant. It’s always a good idea to keep out of reach of pets and children.
Yield: Can hold up to two standard size bait blocks
Dimensions: 4 1/2 in. across x 2 1/2 in. Height
Color: Black
Material/Construction: Durable plastic
Special Features: Three entry points for mice, several mice can feed at the same time, twist off lid provides easy servicing, durable construction.
Manufactured By: Bell Labs

Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station Use

  1. Bait the station with 2 bait box (sold separately).
  2. Place the Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait station in areas known for high mouse activity. This includes along walls used by mouse as a runway, near nests, and in corners. Remove all other food sources so that mice are more likely to be attracted to the bait.
  3. Check on the station every couple of days. Replenish bait when necessary. Always use gloves when disposing of the bodies of dead mice.

Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station Description

The Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station features a twist off lid that does not require a key for opening. This makes it much easier to serve the mouse bait station. The size of this station makes it extremely versatile. It can be placed along walls, in corners, under pallets, under furniture, and in other tight-fit places. The three separate feeding chambers allow multiple mice to feed at the same time, and prevent a single mouse from dominating the station. The Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Station is made out of durable plastic that is built to last. Bait mounting rods keep the bait secure and reduces the risk of bait being shaken out.

Bait is not included with this product.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: K Zimmerman
    Happy with the purchase. Mice just keep on eating the bait and we just keep feeding them. We keep several of these bait stations out and rarley ever see a mouse now.
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