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Provoke Rat Attractant

Provoke Rat Attractant
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Provoke Rat Attractant - 8 oz. bottle

Provoke Rat Attractant is designed to specifically attract rats. This product is a gel that contains food-grade ingredients designed to lure rats to traps. A small amount of this gel can be placed in Trapper T-Rex Rat Traps, conventional rat traps, glue boards, and multi-rat traps. Rats are known to rely on their sense of smell to find food. Provoke Rat Attractant provides scents that lure rats into the area.

Target pests: Rats
For use in: Can be used in all rat traps, including the T-Rex Trapper Rat Trap
Application: Clean up all other food sources in the area. Apply Provoke Rat Attractant to the traps that you are using.
Pet safe: Yes
Special Features: Hypoallergenic, water soluble to avoid stains, special blend of ingredients that secretes scents that attract rats.
Manufactured By: Bell Labs

Provoke Rat Attractant Use

  1. Clean up all food sources in the area. Scrub counter tops and sweep up crumbs. This enhances the rat’s attraction to the rat lure.
  2. Apply a small amount of the gel-based rat lure to a snap trap, glue trap, or multi-rat trap.

Provoke Rat Attractant Description

Provoke Rat Attractant is a luring gel-based rat lure that utilizes food-grade ingredients to attract rats. Provoke Rat Attractant can maximize the success of your rat traps. Trapper T-Rex Rat Traps have a small cup-shaped bait bowl that is ideal for the placement of Provoke Rat Attractant. Plain glue traps rely on a rat wandering onto the trap, but Provoke Rat Attractant can lure rats onto the glue. To lure rats to your trap, simply squeeze a few drops of onto the desired area.

This product is water-soluble, so it doesn’t leave stains on the carpet or clothing. There are no nuts used in the production of this product, making it hypoallergenic.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Marina Almeida Fernandes
    Easy to use, affordable and effective. What more can I say? I'm happy with this product and will purchase again if necessary.
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