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Scorpion Flashlight

Scorpion Flashlight
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Scorpion Flashlight

Scorpion infestations around a home can be very difficult to get under control with regular pest control methods. Often, the homeowner needs to do a few scorpion "night hunts" to bring down the population to a level where regular pest treatments can be effective. Because scorpions are nocturnal, a UV flashlight is necessary to detect them at night when they are active.

Scorpions have florescence, so they glow at night under a black light. A scorpion flashlight is a flashlight with a black light bulb to pick up on the scorpion’s fluorescent glow and make them visible. This is a necessary tool for scorpion control and can help knock down the population during a night hunt. Once you see them, you can spray them directly.

Scorpions tend to hide in tight, dark places like shoes, gloves, folded linens, walls, and tight crevices during the day. They also like to hide under rocks and bark, so any of these spaces are good for your nightly scorpion search with the flashlight. Once you’ve detected them, you can use your method of choice for elimination.

This durable, long-lasting scorpion flashlight is professional grade and lights a large area. You’ll find many other uses for it as well, including bed bug inspection and rodent feces/urine detection. It’s a beneficial tool for many kinds of pest control.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: DaleLegend
    Must-have for all desert homeowners!
  • Author: D Cannon
    Kingman AZ is completely infested with scorpions. Regular pest control was good for killing them at our old home but when we bought our new home, we needed a better way to get on top of the scorpion problem. I found out you can use this scorpion flashlight to spot scorpions at night. The UV light makes the scorpions light up so they are easy to find. Then I simply sprayed the scorpions I found and this reduced their numbers immensely. After this, regular pest control treatments have been sufficient to keep the scorpions out.
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