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T Rex Mouse Trap

T Rex Mouse Trap
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T-Rex Mouse Trap

The T-Rex Mouse Trap is a modern mouse trap that combines trigger sensitivity and velocity to successfully trap and kill mice. These mouse traps are safe to set, and can even be set by foot. At no time are your fingers in danger. The T-Rex Mouse Trap comes with a bait cup that is removed and inserted through the bottom of the trap.

Target pests: Mice
For use in: Residential, commercial, and industrial areas.
Application: Place directly over mouse highways. These are typically along the base of walls, in corners, and along beams and pipes. The T Rex Mouse trap can be tied to beams and pipes.
Pet safe: Do not place in areas accessible to pets and children.
Special Features: Trap is easily set, using the same concept as opening a clothespin. Bait cup allows for easy baiting. Interlocking teeth keep mice from escaping.
Manufactured By: Bell Labs

T-Rex Mouse Trap Use

  1. Set the mouse traps by pushing down on back with either your hand or foot.
  2. Bait mouse traps by removing bait cup from the bottom of trap, filling with bait, and replacing through the bottom. Your hand should never enter the jaws of the trap, because the bait cup exits and enters through a hole in the bottom of the trap.
  3. Place T Rex Mouse Trap directly over a rodent highway. This is usually along the base of a wall, or along a pipe or beam. Place trap so that the bait is directly against the wall. Trap can also be tied to pipes and beams.

T-Rex Mouse Trap Description

The T-Rex Mouse Trap is an efficient mouse trap that uses a perfect blend of trigger sensitivity and trap velocity. The interlocking teeth provide a great grip and keep mice from escaping. Each trap comes with a removable bait cup for easy baiting. The T-Rex Mouse Trap is safe and easy to set. The trap can be set with a single hand, or even a foot! There is never a need to place your hand between the jaws while setting or baiting the trap. This also means you don’t have to touch the dead mouse body when disposing of a mouse.

This trap can be set on the floor, or tied to beams and posts.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Michael Wirth
    I like these much better than spring traps. Made of good quality materials, very easy to use, and cheap. Followed others' suggestions and used peanut butter. Caught two mice on the first night. Best part is no trouble in disposing the catch.
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