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T Rex Rat Trap

T Rex Rat Trap
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Trapper T Rex Rat Trap

The Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap is a cutting edge mechanical trap designed to quickly dispose of your rat infestation. The T Rex Rat Trap is the most widely used rat trap by pest control professionals. The interlocking teeth on this trap keep rats from escaping. The T Rex trap is set using a foot pedal, making this trap extremely safe to set and use. Bait is placed in the bait cup that is inserted through the bottom of the trap. This means that your fingers are never in danger’s way. The T Rex Rat trap can easily be attached to joists and pipes.

Target pests: Rats
For use in: Residential and Commercial buildings
Application: Place T Rex trap near walls, in corners, inside bait stations, attached to posts and pipes, and back to back along rat routes.
Pet safe: Do not place in areas accessible to pets or children.
Dimensions: 5 1/2 in. x 3 in.
Material/Construction: Wood base, metal spring, plastic bait
Special Features: Trap velocity and sensitivity provides the most efficient snap trap.The foot pedal ensures safe setting, and bait cup can be removed and inserted without setting off trap.
Manufactured By: Bell Labs

T Rex Rat Trap Use

  1. Press the pedal on the rear of the trap with your hand or foot. This opens the mouth of the trap.
  2. Remove bait cup from the bottom of the T Rex Rat trap.
  3. Fill bait cup with bait (bacon, peanut butter, rat attractant, etc.) and replace through the bottom of the trap.
  4. Place the T Rex trap in areas frequented by rodents. Place traps against the wall with the bait facing the wall. Traps can also be set in corners, behind furniture, inside rat bait stations, and attached to beams and pipes.
  5. Use gloves when disposing of rats.

T Rex Rat Trap Description

The Trapper T Rex Rat Trap is an extremely efficient trap. The velocity and sensitivity of the trap ensure capture, and the interlocking teeth keep rats from escaping. The T Rex trap is one of the safest traps on the market. A pedal on the back allows the trap the T Rex to be set by foot while still on the floor. The T Rex Bait cup can be removed and replaced through the bottom of the trap without having to reset the trap.

T Rex Traps are easily mounted to wooden beams, joists, and pipes. When T-Rex traps are set back to back, they target rats running either way on a beam. The T-Rex easily fits in rat bait stations.

Bait the Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap with peanut butter, bacon, fruit, vegetables, cereal, rat attractant, or cheese.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Karen Richards
    The T-rex trap is easy to set and place. I don’t mind setting mouse traps but I don’t like setting large rat traps. The T-rex makes it easy to set without the risk of getting snapped. Catches rats too but just remember to place with the teeth/bait pointed to the wall where the rats run along.
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