Mouse Control Products Trapper 24/7 Humane Mouse Trap

Trapper 24/7 Humane Mouse Trap

Trapper 24/7 Humane Mouse Trap
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Trapper 24/7

The Trapper 24/7 is a multi-purpose trap that can catch multiple live mice, as well as insects. This sleek mouse trap was designed to blend in with home and office environments. Glue boards can be placed inside to kill mice that enter the trap. The Trapper 24/7 mouse trap is easily opened from the outside to release live mice and to facilitate cleaning. Smaller holes allow insects to enter, as well as provide ventilation for glue boards.

Target pests: Mice and insects.
For use in: Residential, industrial, and commercial areas, inside and out. Great for sensitive areas where rodenticides are prohibited.
Application: Place trap near baseboards, corners, along walls, or in spaces where rodents are likely to travel.
Pet safe: Safe, although it is best to place in areas where it can’t be tampered with. The 24/7 can be used as a humane mouse trap.
Dimensions: 10 1/8 in. Length x 6 1/2 in. Wide x 2 in. Height
Material/Construction: Strong impact resistant plastic.
Special Features: Inside is rounded for easy cleaning; tinted top allows a person to view the inside with the aid of a flashlight. Does not require setting or winding. Can be used with glue boards to kill mice.
Manufactured By: Bell Labs

Trapper 24/7 Use

The Trapper 24/7 Humane Mouse Trap can be baited with peanut butter, crackers, or other attractants to provide additional incentives for mice to enter.

  1. Place trap in areas known for mouse activity. This can be against the bottom of a wall that mice use as a runway. Place the trap lengthwise against the wall with the entry holes on the side closest to the wall. Traps can also be placed in corners, and under furniture and pallets.
  2. Periodically check traps and disposes of captured mice properly. Always use gloves.

Trapper 24/7 Description

The Trapper 24/7 is an excellent humane alternative to bait and snap traps. This product does not utilize rodenticides and does not require setting. The sturdy plastic is impact

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Michelle
    We used these to solve an embarrassing mouse problem in our accounting office. We didn’t want our clients to see mouse traps around so we used the Trapper 24/7. It looks almost like a piece of computer hardware and nobody can tell that it’s a trap in our office. It also catches lots of mice so we don’t have to keep throwing used traps away.
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