Scorpion Control Products Trapper Insect Monitor and Insect Trap with Pheromone Tablet

Trapper Insect Monitor and Insect Trap with Pheromone Tablet

Trapper Insect Monitor and Insect Trap with Pheromone Tablet
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Trapper Insect Monitor and Insect Trap w/ tablet – Box of 20

The Trapper Insect Monitor and Insect Trap shows you exactly which crawling insects are causing your bug problems. This is a safe, affordable way to alert you of any potential pest problem. The easy to use glue trap attracts not only roaches, but also spiders, scorpions and other crawling insects. It is an effective way to catch the insects, and also monitor the density and exact location of the infestation at the same time. You can use the cardboard trap whole, or tear it along the perforated lines to divide it into smaller traps. The Insect Monitor’s adhesive backing will let you stick it to walls or other surfaces.

In addition to the insect trap alone, you can also use the pheromone based tablets to attract cockroaches and other bugs to the glue pad. The pheromone tablets lure the bugs to the trap with an appealing scent. These traps are a great way to start any pest control regimen, and you can also use them while waiting for other products to kick in.


  • Easy to use, set and check
  • Nonpoisonous glue
  • Pheromone tablets lure bugs with attractive scent
  • Very cost effective
  • Insects can be monitored so you know what pests you have to deal with
  • Can target the exact location of infestation
  • Can be used in conjunction with other products

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Tricia A Sinclair
    I discovered nasty cockroaches infesting our crawl space and used the trapper insect monitor with success. With these trappers, it's easy to see if you have a pest problem and easy to dispose of the pests once you cacth them.
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