Rat Control Products Trapper Rat Glue Board Traps

Trapper Rat Glue Board Traps

Trapper Rat Glue Board Traps
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Trapper Rat Glue Board Traps - 2 packs of 2 (4 traps)

Trapper Rat Glue Board Traps are an excellent way to control rats and mice that doesn’t involve poisons or hazardous chemicals. These glue traps have a low profile edge that keeps rodents from stopping at the edge of the glue board. The glue on the Trapper Rat Glue board Trap is resistant to moisture in the atmosphere. These rat sticky traps make for easy clean up.

Target pests: Rats and Mice
For use in: Trapper Rat Glue Board Traps are best if placed indoors. Glue traps can be used in places too sensitive for bait, including restaurants, hospitals, and zoos.
Application: Place directly on rodent runways. This is usually between the nest and the food source. Look for infestation signs including rat droppings and smudges along baseboards, along walls, and in corners.
Pet safe: If trap becomes stuck to pet, use vegetable oil to remove glue. It’s best to place trap where children and pets won’t tamper with it.
Dimensions: 10 in. Length x 4.75 in. Width
Material/Construction: Disposable plastic
Special Features: Small plastic tray maximizes the changes of rodents stepping in the glue. If used in dusty areas, this trap can be used underneath a Trapper Tunnel.
Manufactured By: Bell Labs

How to Use Trapper Rat Glue Board Traps

  1. Locate rodent runway. This is usually along baseboards between the rodent’s nest and food source. Sometimes dark smudges along the bottom of walls denote a runway.
  2. Place glue traps directly over the runway and flush against the wall.
  3. If the rat glue boards are in a dusty area, replace on occasion.
  4. Dispose of dead rodents and glue trap properly. Be sure to wear disposable gloves.

Trapper Rat Glue Board Traps Description

Trapper Rat Glue Board Traps are an effective way to trap rodents without using toxic rodenticides. The plastic tray that holds the glue has a low profile. This encourages rodents to walk through the trap; instead of skirting around tithe glue on these traps is extremely sticky. The Trapper Rat Glue Board Trap was designed to resist moisture in the atmosphere, allowing this trap to remain active for a longer period of time. The smallest contact can trap a mouse, and the trap is strong enough to hold a large rat. For targeting mice with multiple traps, allow for 8-12 feet between traps. For multiple traps targeting rats, allow for 15-30 feet between traps.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Davi Costa
    When I discovered mice scampering in the kitchen I decided to try glue board traps first before going all-out on baits and other stuff. So far I've caught several mice by changing the trap locations every time. Works for me, fast and simple. Didn't cost too much either.
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