Fly Control Products Vector Classic Fly Light Trap

Vector Classic Fly Light Trap

Vector Classic Fly Light Trap
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Vector Classic Fly Light Trap

For safe and effective control of flying insects such as flies, gnats and mosquitoes, the Vector Classic Fly Light Trap is the industry standard. Ideal for commercial establishments such as restaurants, supermarkets, and hospitals, the Vector Classic Fly Light Trap provides a discreet yet impressive way of eliminating flying pests. Using two 15-watt UV bulbs, target pests are attracted into the trap and caught on a glue board installed inside. Each new Vector Classic Fly Light Trap comes with the light bulbs and one glue board already installed. It is easy to use; simply mount on the wall or place on a countertop and leave it to do its magic. Captured pests won’t be visible to customers but a pest-free environment will be noticeable. The neat design and construction won’t be an eyesore. Vector Classic Fly Light Trap meets FDA and USDA guidelines for use in food-handling areas and is safe to use around pets.

Replacement glue boards as well as UV bulbs are available and sold separately.  Glue boards need to be replaced every 30-60 days depending on the infestation and catch while UV bulbs every 6 months for continued maximum performance.

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  • Author: Martha Samayoa
    This is a convenient set-up for killing flies and mosquitoes in a commercial establishment. Doesn't look bad in a professional background and there's no need to spray or apply products. We just put this up and instantly saw the effects. Great product.
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