Fly Control Products Vector Plasma One Fly Light Trap

Vector Plasma One Fly Light Trap

Vector Plasma One Fly Light Trap
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Vector Plasma One Fly Light Trap

Featuring the quality and reliability of the Vector Plasma but in a convenient size and power, the Vector Plasma One Fly Light Trap performs with superior fly attraction and control. At half the size and wattage of the original, the Vector Plasma One is ideal for smaller areas that require fast-acting pest control. It can be used in small kitchens, bars, delis, storage areas, trash rooms and other restricted spaces or where less UV light is desired. Eliminate nuisance flies as well as gnats and mosquitoes with the sleek Vector Plasma One Fly Light Trap. Measuring 21” x 6.3” x 2.5”, this fly light is compact-sized and can be installed vertically or horizontally in any location or conveniently placed on a countertop. The brushed aluminum exterior also makes it a professional and pleasant-looking addition to any area. You can choose between a grilled model for quick and easy inspection or screened to hide the glue board for sensitive accounts. Upon purchase the Vector Plasma One already comes with a UV bulb and glue board so it is ready for use. Service and maintenance is easy and hassle-free, too. Replacement glue board (changed every 30-60 days) and bulb (changed every 6 months) are available and sold separately.

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  • Author: Frank Rogers
    This product is an affordable option to those who want to use a fly light trap. Works on mosquitoes, flies and other flying insects. It is effective and a great option especially for those with children and pets.
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