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Verifi Bed Bug Detector

Verifi Bed Bug Detector
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Verifi Bed Bug Monitors

A bed bug problem can sometimes be hard to detect. Maybe you’re feeling itchy and noticing insect bites, but you’ve never seen an actual bed bug. With Verifi Bed Bug Monitors you don’t need to guess; you’ll know if you have bed bugs or not.

This is an active tool to help monitor possible infestations. Not only will it show if there is an infestation, but also the level of severity of the bed bug problem. If you are treating a problem, you can monitor its success. Easy to use and reusable, it contains a CO2 booster pack to simulate a live host, along with two attractants, a kairomone and a pheromone, to lure the bugs in. Once the bed bugs are in the device, they can’t get out.

This bed bug detection device is an excellent tool to see if you need treatment for bed bugs. If there is an infestation, you’ll know and can take control. The bed bug monitor only detects bed bugs; it does not treat. It can also be a valuable tool to monitor the effectiveness of your treatment. The monitor helps you make sure the bed bugs are not coming back!

With the current increase in bed bug populations and infestations, a bed bug detector is a wise purchase. The sooner an infestation is caught, the sooner you can eliminate it. With rave reviews from satisfied customers, Verifi Bed Bug Monitors are important tools in the fight against bed bugs.

Read all directions thoroughly before setting up to ensure proper installation.

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