Mouse Control Products Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro Holdfast

Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro Holdfast

Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro Holdfast
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Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro Holdfast - box of 12

The Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro Holdfast is a conventional mouse snap trap that delivers a quick end to mice infestations. This trap is equipped with a large scented bait pad designed to look and smell like cheese. This snap trap does not require baiting due to the cheese scent located on the trip pedal. The Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro Holdfast is easy to set, and has a sensitivity setting for areas that experience a lot of vibration.

Target pests: Mice
For use in: Commercial, residential, or industrial areas
Application: Place along rodent runways, such as along the bottom of walls.
Pet safe: Do not put in places that are easily accessed by children and pets.
Dimensions: 4 in. L x 1 3/4 in. W
Material/Construction: Wooden snap trap. Wood base, wire nap, and plastic trip pedal
Special Features: Made from responsible wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.Has large cheese scented bait pad.Has two different sensitivity settings.
Manufactured By: Victor(Manufacturer Product Number:M325)

How to Use the Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro Holdfast

  1. Pull spring-loaded wire back and hold with thumb.
  2. With other hand, bring holding bar over the spring-loaded wire and insert end into the small box of the tilted bait pad.
  3. Put holding bar on the side of the box that says “S” for a sensitive snap trap, or on the side labeled “F” for placement in areas with heavy machinery or other vibrations.
  4. Slowly release hold in the spring-loaded wire. This should lock the holding bar into place in the small box of the bait pad.
  5. Place the mouse snap trap in areas known for high rodent activity. Place directly on rodent runways, such as along the base of walls. Make sure that the bait side of the snap trap is closest to the wall. Two traps can be placed back to back so that the bait sides are opposite each other.
  6. Use gloves when disposing of mouse bodies and snap traps.

Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro Holdfast Description

The Victor Mouse Trap M325 Pro – Holdfast is a simple yet efficient way to control a mouse population. Designed from environmentally friendly wood, this wooden snap trap is easy to dispose of along with the bodies of dead mice. This trap features a large bait pad designed to smell and look like cheese.

There are two sensitivity settings for this effective wooden snap trap. The “S” setting is for a hair-trigger release, while the “F” setting allows the trap to be used in areas with a lot of vibrations, such as near heavy machinery.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: J Moeller
    Highly durable and effective. I have been using this trap around the farm for years and it has never failed me. Satisfied customer here.
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