Rat Control Products Victor Rat Trap M326 Pro

Victor Rat Trap M326 Pro

Victor Rat Trap M326 Pro
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Victor Rat Trap M326 Pro – box of 12 traps

The Victor Rat Trap M326 Pro is designed to attract and instantly kill rats.This wooden rat trap has been tested and proven effective by pest professionals for over a century and is still used today! This trap features a bait pad that is shaped to resemble cheese.The bait pad also facilitates the placement of other baits, such as peanut butter or bacon.Compared to normal traps, the Victor Rat Trap M326 Pro is easier to set.The sensitive spring on this rat snap trap can be set to withstand the vibrations of footsteps and vibrating machines in the area.

Target pests: Rats
For use in: Residential and Commercial buildings
Application: Place Victor rat trap near baseboards, cupboards, along baseboards, or in spaces frequented by rodents.
Pet safe: Place in areas away from children and pets to avoid accidental harm.
Dimensions: 7 in. x 3 1/4 in. x 1/2 in.
Material/Construction: Wooden rat trap. Wood base, metal spring, plastic bait
Special Features: Made from environmentally friendly wood, can easily be thrown away, trap is easy to set, includes cheese shaped bait platform, has a setting that prevents vibrations from footsteps and nearby machines from springing the trap.
Manufactured By: Victor

Victor Rat Trap Use

  1. Pull the spring-loaded wire back and hold in place with thumb.
  2. Bring lock bar over the spring-loaded wire and position end in the small box opening on the plastic cheese bait pad.This will require tilting up the plastic cheese bait.
  3. This small box opening has two settings.Place the bar in “S” if you want it to be the most sensitive, or place in “F” if trap will be set in an environment with lots of vibrations.
  4. Slowly release the spring-loaded wire.he rat snap trap should be set.
  5. Place the rat snap trap in areas of high rodent activity.When placing the trap against the wall, place the trap perpendicular to the wall and make sure the bait side is closest to the wall.Check traps daily and replace bait when needed.At first, place baited traps without setting the trap.his will keep the rat’s from becoming trap-shy.Set multiple traps close to one another for larger rat infestations.Wear gloves when disposing of dead rats.

Victor Rat Trap Description

The Victor Rat Trap M326 Pro is one of the highest quality rat traps used in the pest control industry.Different sensitivity settings make this wooden rat trap effective in a variety of locations.The environmentally friendly woods makes for an easy clean up.The large bait pad is shaped like cheese.The Victor Rat Trap can also be baited with peanut butter, chocolate, real cheese, bacon, fruits, vegetables, and cereals.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: William Austin
    Sometimes the best pest control measures are old school like these rat traps. I have yet to see a sturdier better rat trap. These pass the test of time.
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