Mouse Control Products Victor Tin Cat Humane Mouse Trap M308

Victor Tin Cat Humane Mouse Trap M308

Victor Tin Cat Humane Mouse Trap M308
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Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap M308

The Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap M308 is a humane and simple way to quickly catch a lot of mice.The tin cat mouse trap can catch up to 30 live mice at a time.This low profile trap can be placed underneath furniture and in other compact areas.This tin cat trap is designed so that mice can enter but cannot escape.A see-through top allows for easy viewing of your catch.

Which Pests Does this Product Target? Mice
For use in: Residential, industrial, and commercial areas, inside and out.Great for sensitive areas where rodenticides are prohibited.
Application: Place tin cat trap near baseboards, corners, along walls, or in spaces where rodents are likely to travel.
Pet safe: Safe, although it is best to place in areas where it can’t be tampered with.
Yield: Up to 30 mice at a time
Dimensions: 10.25 in x 6.25 in x 1.75 in.
Special Features: Tin cat trap catches live mice, up to 30 at a time.Easy cleaning.Glue traps can be placed inside.Plastic top allows for viewing.No setting required.
Manufactured By: Victor

Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap M308 Use

  1. Tin cat trap can either be baited with peanut butter, mouse attractant, or other bait, or not baited and rely on the mouse’s curiosity.
  2. Place tin cat mouse trap in areas known for mouse activity.Place over mouse highways so that the mouse will run into one of the entry holes.One of the common placement areas is lengthwise against a wall with the holes closest to the wall.
  3. Check trap periodically and dispose of mice in the fashion you choose.

Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap M308 Description

The Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap M308 is a humane alternative to traps and rodenticides.This trap can catch up to 30 live mice at a time.The trap requires no setting, and can be placed indoors, outdoors, and in areas too sensitive for rodenticides. Mice can easily enter the trap, but are unable to escape.The trap has been designed to be easy to clean.Glue boards can be placed inside the trap if you don’t want to deal with live mice.This also helps in the disposal process.The trap is 1.75 inches tall, allowing it to fit under furniture and in other small areas.To attract more mice, bait the inside of the trap with peanut butter, mouse attractant, bacon, crackers or other baits.

It can take mice a few days to get used to the trap, so be patient after placement.Once mice become accustomed to the trap, they are more likely to explore inside.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Dirk Decker
    I was looking for a better way of catching mice without having to dispose of remains or deal with the smell of dead mice around the house. This tin cat mouse trap does it for me. They have taken up residence in the garage but I've already caught more than 10 mice with this trap. Thank you, it works.
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