3 Bed Bug Tips that Don’t Work and 1 That Does

  • September 24, 2012


Steven R. Covey’s New York Times Best Seller 7 Habits of Highly Effective People warns of the costly threat of allowing urgent and important to-do’s zap our precious time in the day. This valuable time, according to Covey, should be used to tackle important and not-urgent tasks such as initiating sales calls, tracking and following a budget and even spending time with family on the weekend. Indeed spending time with close relatives is very important and almost never urgent, meaning it can easily take a backseat to important and urgent tasks such as routine meetings, project deadlines and even fabricated crises; like the need to pull overgrown weeds before they overtake the entire garden. I cannot think of a more important and urgent task than removing bed bugs from your home. This means that it is even more important to stop home pest control from wasting your precious finite hours during the week. Here are 4 tips to keep the pests out and at the same time, keep your available hours focused on important yet less urgent tasks. (These 4 tips will also save you money, which is can sometimes buy time as you know.)

Bed Bug Bombs Don’t Work

Don’t waste your gas money or time to drive to The Home Depot in search for a bed bug bomb. However tempting at $5.99, the futile bed bug bomb will only drive bed bugs deeper into their hiding places, exacerbating the infestation. This makes it even more difficult for the proper treatment that is sure to come. If a professional charges several hundred dollars per room to eradicate bed bugs, a five dollar aerosol can is not going to get the job done. This is because bed bug extermination requires thorough inspection, expertise, training, experience and a labor intensive effort.

You Don’t Have to Buy a New Bed or New Furniture

It is easier to kill bed bugs and their offspring in an empty bedroom. However, discarding thousands of dollars’ worth of furniture is usually not worth the increased ease in eliminating the bed bugs. Experienced bed bug pest controllers can kill and eliminate bed bugs without eliminating the furniture in the room.

Weather Treatment Doesn’t Work

Dragging your bed out of the house and placing it the sun will not solve your bed bug problem. Many bed bugs may survive a sun treatment if their body temperature does not reach a significant level. No matter how effective the sun exposure proves, there are plenty of bed bug eggs back in the bedroom tucked away in furniture, behind baseboards and in the carpet. These are just waiting to hatch out and re-infest your bed when it is returned back to the bedroom. Oh, and cold winters won’t help either.

Use a Non-repellant (like the Pros do)

The key to bed bug elimination is the little known secret of non-repellant insecticides. Non-repellants, such as Phantom Aerosol and Alpine Dust, lay down a deadly barrier for the bed bugs. The bed bugs cannot detect the non-repellant as they can regular repellant pesticides. At night, the bed bugs will emerge, cross the non-repellant barrier and begin their demise over the next several hours. Non-repellants work slower but are much more effective. You won’t find these in any hardware big-box stores, but you can definitely find them here.

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