4 Website Questions for PCO Webmasters

  • January 28, 2013

Is your website taking too long to load? We encounter very slow pest control websites due to bad hosting or poor coding. Many visitors will leave the website (or “bounce”) if the site takes too long to load. Two seconds of loading time could be all it takes for a visitor to get frustrated and hit the back button.

We recommend you use https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights to test your website speed.

Does your site work in all browsers? Many users use Firefox, Chrome, IE (Internet Explorer) , Safari, or Opera. Each one of these browsers interprets the code a little differently. Your site may look fine on one browser and not function in the next. It’s important to check your site on all major browsers. We call this a cross-browser compatibility test and we perform it for every pest control website we design and build. To test your website, simply navigate through the entire website on each browser and look for bugs.

Does your website work on mobile devices? We are not just talking about cell phones. This includes tablets as well.  With Microsoft now in the tablet market looking to take market share away from the iPad, more and more users will be using their tablets to surf the web. This means your site needs to work on these devices and load fast.

Do all your links work? Not only with this frustrate users, its bad for Search Engines as well. Make sure all links work correctly. Simply test the links every once in a while to make sure they link properly and that the page they link to (if outbound link) still exists.


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