7 Overlooked Google Webmaster Tools For PCOs

  • January 28, 2013

All these tools I will be talking about are 100% free through Google Webmaster Tools. If you haven’t signed up already for Google Webmaster Tools, I would suggest every Pest Control webmaster  do so.

Change of web address: Many PCOs rename or rebrand their website. In addition to installing all the necessary redirects you can also tell Google you are moving to a new domain.

Users and permissions: If your webmaster’s account is tied to a personal account, and you want to give a coworker access, you can easily do so through the Google webmaster users section.

Crawl errors: It’s very important to make sure you don’t have any crawl errors. If you do, your awesome Pest content might not get indexed correctly, and never show up in the search engines.

Malware Alerts: Getting hacked isn’t a question of “if”; but when. Your site will more than likely get malware. It’s important to clean malware off your site as soon as possible. Google’s malware alerts will send you an email if you ever get malware on your site. It will also tell you which files are infected.

Search Queries: This section will tell you what keywords rank, and their current position. There are tons of paid services out there that track keywords, buy why pay for tracking when webmaster tools does it for free.

Sitemaps: The Sitemaps section allows you to submit multiple sitemaps and track what pages are being indexed. This is helpful if there is some content that is not showing up in search engines.

Links to your site: People will link to your site and it’s really cool to know who. This section allows you to see what websites link to your pest control website.

There you have it. 7 Overlooked Google Webmaster Tools For PCOs that are 100% free.


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