Are Pest Control Companies Likeable on Facebook?

  • January 14, 2013

Are Pest Control Companies Likeable on Facebook?

In the September/October issue of the Pestworld Magazine, social media marketer John Wayne Zimmerman asks the same question that many PCOs wonder when putting together an online marketing strategy; Are Pest Control Companies Likeable on Facebook?

It is easy to see why the latest fashion firms, sports teams and even your favorite mobile taco truck can get hundreds or even thousands of likes and followers on Facebook. Naturally, there are many individuals that would like to follow press and updates given out by these companies and individuals. But what about a pest control company? Would people in your service area really want to like, follow and subsequently hear from you on a regular basis? Mr. Zimmerman says yes! But you have to do it right and be genuine. By doing so, you can create a large base of fans that will follow and even share your news, updates, tips and promotions with their social friends.  Too many marketers want to hire ghost writers or even post generic content without giving enough thought of what their followers really find valuable.

In the Pestworld article, John Wyane Zimmerman gives a few tips to assist you in creating a large group of raving fans who trust your pest control company:

1.       Communicate Back – Congratulate fans for any successes they may post with a big thank you. Answer fans’ questions they post. Supply fans not only with a short answer to their question but a link to a page on your website, or blog that talks more in-depth about their topic.

2.       Keep it Real – Be authentic. No one likes to be treated in a patronizing or pretentious manner. The voice of your business on Facebook is one that people will follow and see every day.

3.       Empathize – Your Facebook page is mostly for your customers. The purpose of the page is so fans can communicate with a community of users who are interested in your business and voice their praises and challenges.

It is also important to refrain from over-marketing to your fan base. No one wants to be continually inundated with advertisements and promotions. Add value to your community on Facebook! Help out where you can. Respond to questions in a thoughtful manner. Give out important tips and advice. Then, slip in a “refer your friend or neighbor promo and receive $50 off” message.


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