What does Bed Bug Poop Look Like?

Bed Bug Poop

Bed bug poop or bed bug droppings is a telltale sign of bed bug activity. They can often be the first indication of an infestation.

Bed bugs feed on blood, preferably human blood as it tends to provide the best nutrition. Bed bugs have the capacity of both feeding on blood even as they deposit thick, dark droppings of digested blood on bedding. While bed bug droppings have been noted to be the color of tar, the standard color is somewhere between dark red and black, which can darken as it ages. The blood droppings usually appear as smears wherever they land—be it bedding, furniture, or the floor, and can also appear as bumps on hard surfaces. If undisturbed, however, the bed bug poop can appear as dark, small dots.

Bed bug droppings are also usually found where the bed bugs hide. These places can be near computer, phone, or electrical outlets, wall switches, baseboards, or furniture. Clothing, towels, and draperies can also bear marks of bed bugs. Bed bug poop can be seen in mattress seams and in the cracks of box springs as well.

It’s important to follow certain steps to eliminate bed bugs. Bedding and clothing can be washed in very hot water. They should then be sealed in bags to avoid being re-infested. Any areas where bed bugs may have been should be vacuumed. This includes the mattress, box springs, carpet, and even walls surrounding the bed. Anything that cannot be washed, especially the mattress and carpet, should be steam-cleaned. Bed bug powders and sprays can be used to further eliminate the bugs. Once steamed and strayed, the mattress should be covered with a strong mattress cover. This will ensure that it stays bed bug free and will cut off the bugs’ food supply; the human host. As always, hiring a professional can be a good option and may even be more effective in the long run.