Brand Recognition Through Lead Generation

  • December 2, 2017

The obvious goal and main benefit of Pestnet®’s lead generation service is to provide immediate sales. During the course of our lead generation campaigns, there are also a variety of other indirect benefits, as we have discussed before.

One of these indirect benefits is increased brand impressions.  Your web presence is much more than just traffic numbers and rankings, and we recognize that. It is about using all the available marketing channels online to establish your brand.  We help you build a powerful and impressive brand using these channels and a proactive public relations strategy.

Brand Exposure

As the campaign begins, many clients notice the immediate increase in sales. Through the course of the campaign these sales continue, but there are also many other consumers seeing your brand that may not be purchasing at that time. They see your brand, they receive some information, and they will remember your company. Many of these exposures can result in future sales. Think of the well placed billboards or signs and radio ads that you have seen or heard. When you’re ready to purchase something, your mind reflects back on what you have seen and heard when making the decision. Those billboards or signs and ads have an effect on your purchasing decisions and our lead generation campaigns work the same. People are exposed to your brand, and know who you are before they are ready to buy.

The Perfect Balance


Through our lead generation services, you are given the perfect balance of brand recognition (as well as the other indirect benefits that are associated with the campaign) and lead generation. We create a strategy for your company and your success.  You will have greater visibility in your local community, and more social media interaction that strengthens relationships with consumers while building your brand. Let us here at Pestnet® help you grow by developing a top-notch PR and online branding strategy that is right for your business.


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