Colorado Pest Control Company Expands Underground

  • November 16, 2013

In many parts of Colorado, land and mountain property owners struggle year in and year out with destructive ground squirrels. Ground squirrels in Colorado cause damage to land owners by tunneling through large networks of intricate tunnel systems beneath the soil and sod. They belong to the squirrel family of rodents and can sometimes be spotted hanging out on their two back legs. For land owners, and especially those with livestock cattle, or horses, ground squirrel holes can be a huge risk for expensive pets and animals to fall and even break a leg. Obviously, this is a threat worth taking seriously and effective ground squirrel control in Colorado is a growing business. That’s why local Colorado pest control company RAM Pest Control has invested in new technology and equipment call the Burrow Blocker.

This system injects sand and water into the ground squirrel tunnels and almost instantly seals the holes shut. Ground squirrels inside die and those remaining on the outside must leave to inhabit or start a new tunnel system elsewhere.


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